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  • Parameds
  • Blood
  • Urine
  • EKGs
  • TVCs
  • Senior assessments
  • and more...
Home Office approved for ALL carriers through comprehensive affiliations with Portamedic, EMSI, ExamOne, Superior Mobile, etc.

          Your clients aren't the only ones who need coverage!!!

                                                                           Insure yourself against:

Lost sales
Poor service
Angry/injured clients
Tie-ups in underwriting
Slow commissions

Full Range Of Paramedical Exam Services

  • Mobile MD Exams
  • Professional/experienced/courteous examiners
  • Quality service regardless of volume
  • Consistent statusing tailored to your preferences until exam is done
  • [Via Phone   Fax  or   Emailed   personalized PDF Reports  ]

We use the best exam management software available (PMSoffice) to ensure you receive professional status reports on all your cases. No need to visit websites or remember passwords and login procedures. We send you your  statuses directly in a clear, concise, easy to read report which shows you the entire history of the work being done on each of your clients
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